My Top 10 Greek Meals

I wanted to pause and show respect to all of the mouth watering food I had the pleasure of eating in Greece. From the restaurants, hotel kitchens, roadside bakeries, cafes, the simple snacks of pretzels with sesame seeds, to the pistachios and spiced olives. I ate myself into a foodie coma each and every day. Though breakfast was simple, the coffee was delicious, the yogurt thick and drizzled with honey, the fresh fruit sweet. Add a boiled egg and a slice of toast (I wasn’t sure how toast in a package could be so tasty) I was full for the long day that usually didn’t have us eating lunch until after 1 pm. I can in all honesty say I didn’t have a meal that I didn’t enjoy.

Beef Stew

A simple yet flavorful beef stew with fresh peas, potatoes, carrots in a mild tomato sauce. Fresh carrot, cabbage, olive and green pepper salad, fresh bread and olive oil,



Both equally delicious, tender meat, soft pita bread, crisp vegetables with tangy tzatziki sauce. Most served with fries, but they really aren’t needed.

Greek Salad

Feta cheese that was so fresh and full of flavor it could be eaten alone. Olives, green pepper, cucumber and red onions, notice there is no lettuce. I will never be able to eat feta cheese with the same flavor pallet, I have been spoiled.

Slovaki and Chicken Wrap

Full of spicy paprika and oregano, quick and filling snack.


Sweet Seasonal Carrots and Peas

The carrots were so full of flavor that we mistook them for sweet potatoes, the peas were just as sweet. No seasoning was needed, they both had so much flavor they stood alone as the perfect meal starter.


 Stuffed Peppers

Full of ground veal, rice, and a blend of herbs and spices.



Chicken and Orzo with Cinnamon and Parmesan 

Cinnamon was the secret ingredient in this dish, it provided a surprising depth of flavor on the chicken and paired nicely with the orzo.


Fresh Roasted Lamb

Nothing else was needed but the squeeze of half a lemon that decorated the plate. The lamb was fresh, fall off the bone tender, simply seasoned and absolutely delicious. The salad and fresh bread was a perfect accompaniment.


Fresh Grilled Octopus

Fresh out of the sea, the octopus was grilled to perfection. The chef and his wife had a small restaurant in Nafplio and asked if we would allow them to cook it how “they love to eat it” The fresh carrots, cabbage and greens were just as delicious and the rice was cooked with a hint of lemon. Perfect!


Grilled Pork Chop 

Grilled pork, seasoned with salt and pepper, squeeze of lemon, topped with fries. Tender, juicy, simple and delicious.


Mixed Plate

My final meal in Delphi, a mix of traditional Greek favorites and a side of salad. Everything was delicious, especially a homemade fried cheese that isn’t pictured. If you ever see a mixed plate on the menu, this is a must.

The meal of all meals!

As a woman who spends most of her days eating fruits, vegetables and seafood, I have decreased my meat intake considerably.  When I travel, I eat everything. I have a firm belief that food is a direct connection to culture and a form of love and kindness. I ate everything I was offered, tried things that were suggested, and honestly, I did not have a bad meal. Though I had many other culinary adventures, these meals were the ones I remember most. My suggestion to you my friends, is eat the food, drench the bread in oil, drink the wine, eat the desert, and for God sake, disregard those diet restrictions and eat all the cheese! Whose to say you will ever have the opportunity again.

Blessings and may you enjoy many culinary delights across the world~Ny



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