Power of The Ocean

My first experience understanding the power of the ocean happened when I was enjoying the sound of crashing waves sitting in complete isolation. The universe speaks always but often you are not open to receive the message. The beach has always been a sacred place, the one place that I can completely silence that negative voice in my head that is full of insecurity and fear. As a child the ocean represented sun and fun, as an un-nerved adult, the ocean represented emotional healing.

Waves have a way of reflecting your feelings, as the tides change, so do the feelings, like stages of grief, that also come in waves. Sometimes we forget that we grieve for the life that was familiar to us, the people who were closest, and things that we nurtured and held dear. Those waves are then replaced with fear, uncertainty, anger, sadness and eventually depression. The question you have to ask yourself is how long are you willing to ride that wave? Will you remain a spectator on the rocks and eroding soil or will you transition as the tides change with the phases of the sun and moon? When you are ready the choice is yours.

The waters of the Caribbean began that transition. Trinidad provided knowledge of self, culture, and the history of my ancestors. The waters of Jamaica provided sand to fill the holes in my heart that have been patched by the love of others. The waters of Grenada held another set of dreams that I never knew existed. These three islands held the dreams of my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and the souls of displaced Africans, on the lands of Native Indians. How could this land not heal my broken mind and inspire me to look within myself for the answers that the universe had already given me. The women that came before us never had a voice, we owe their legacy the honor of being our most authentic self.

Yes, I’m un-nerved by the message of the ocean, but I am ready to transition into the life that I desire and most importantly the life and love I deserve.